Resin Bound Rubber Mulch Surfacing Middlesbrough

Resin Bound Rubber Mulch Surfacing Middlesbrough

Recent Resin Bound Rubber Mulch surfacing for a school in Middlesbrough

A Recent project for 360 square metres of Resin bound rubber mulch surfacing for a school in Middlesbrough. The project involved us lifting the turf and relaying it with the Resin bound rubber mulch surfacing. This created a wheelchair access path around the football field for the Children.

This type of surfacing helps absorb impact and protects children whilst at play. Rubber mulch is perfect for natural grass play areas, which often become muddy or slippery during wet weather. Furthermore, the rubber can be laid in all areas in order to offer a safer playground area for Children.

Why choose Resin Bound Rubber Mulch surfacing for your play area?

Especially relevant is this type of surfacing can be installed on top of most surface and is available in a range of natural colour options. In addition, once the rubber mulch surfacing is installed it is durable and requires very little maintenance.

Furthermore, all the materials we use during the installation are thoroughly tested to ensure both qualities of product and safety for children using the area. In turn meeting, the requirements set out by BS EN 1177 safety standards. Critical fall height ratings are also achieved with the thicker depths, making it an ideal option for play areas with slides, climbing frames and swings.

This type of surfacing for play areas offers

  • Superior drainage
  • Very little maintenance
  • No movement
  • A long lasting surface
  • No puddles
  • Quick drying
  • An excellent alternative to wet pour
  • Ideal for schools, nurseries, parks, gardens

All our Rubber bark surface installations are carried out by our own in-house installers. If you have any questions regarding the bonded rubber mulch construction for play areas or other outdoor areas. Please call us on 0800 160 1618, we can offer advice on both the design and installation for your play area.

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