Paving the North East

Paving the North East

Considering Paving your Driveway or Patio?

Paving is become more and more popular not just for driveways but also patios and other areas around the home and business.

Our team of pavers cover the whole North East region. Working with both the commercial sector and domestic households.

So lets look at our popular types


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Firstly good old block paving

When it comes to installing block paving on driveways. You need to ensure you have the correct sized block setts. The base also needs to be the right formula to ensure the suitability for todays vehicles

Today, they are a vast amount of different styles for driveways as well as patios.  With different constraints, styles and shapes of blocks, colours and designs.

The Block Paving from The Driveway Company UK offers brands such as;

We choose these brands because of the great guarantees offered.

You can get everything from the traditional blocks to the more modern styles which are out on the market today.


Cobbled Paving

Whether it is a driveway or patio area you are considering. Cobbled pavingcan look amazing and give your paved area a great finish.

It comes  come with rounded edge stones, smooth top surfaces as well as a traditional look.

The cobbled driveways and patios can offer a beautiful timeless finish to the area. We have installed cobbles on driveways for many years and today with even better designs coming on to the market it is still a favourite of many customers.

With cobbled driveways you will find that they can be extremely robust. Obviously if they are laid professionally. They can not only help change the look of your property but also the value. First impressions is vital when someone is viewing your home. The driveway is normally the first thing your visitors will see.

Cobbled driveways and patios are quite flexible and can be quite easily added to or even reduced in size in the future. Which is also well worth considering when looking to have the cobbles installed.


Stone Paving

Stone paving is ideal for patios and comes in a fantastic range of both colours, designs and textures.
Our range includes; 
  • Circular Stone Features
  • Stone Setts
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Natural Slate and More

Our team can create stone features for your patio area in lovely designs. Just let us know during our quotation your requirements.

All stone paving workis carried out by our own fully trained pavers to the highest standards.

 Natural Stone Driveways

Natural stone driveways are stunning. Nothing looks more impressive than  natural stone.

We offer a fantastic range of natural stone block paving especially for driveways.

The high quality natural stone driveways come in a selection of colours, styles and textures.

The beautiful of a natural stone driveway can help add value to your property. Certainly giving a WOW factor to your visitors.

Traditional or contemporary style driveway.  Using natural stone block paving can help enhance that character of your home.


Permeable driveways

Permeable driveways are the alternative solution.

The one thing sometimes overlooked when installing a driveway especially, is that now a days there can be certain situations where you need planning permission!

Back in October 2008 new rules were introduced for property owners, looking to pave their front gardens.

You don’t always need planning permission however,  for example if a new driveway uses permeable paving it is not required.

You can find more information regarding this at the planning portal. Our team will also work with you to advise you on the best solutions for your driveway.

Permeable (or porous) paving  is basically a surface which allows the water to drain through.

Permeable driveways can be installed using gravel, permeable concrete paving, and porous asphalt.

Another option for driveways which paving companies use. Is  to install a channel to direct the rainwater either on to a lawn or border to allow it to drain naturally.

 Find out more about our paving services

If you would like to find out more about our paving services see our dedicated page or contact our team of pavers.