Driveway Washington

Driveway Washington

Driveway Washington Using Tobermore Blocks With Buff Setts

Driveway Washington Project 

A recent project for a driveway in Washington using Tobermore blocks with buff setts and Tobermore walling.

The project involved us laying a 200m2 driveway and building a new garden wall to complement the driveway paving.

Tobermore Tegula paving blocks offer a timelessly elegant look to your driveway.  All the colours in the Tobermore Tegula paving range are both vibrant and long-lasting. This type of paving can be suited to either modern or period properties.

Furthermore, with this range of paving for driveways, there are a number of different options available.  For example, they can be used to create special features and circles to driveways or patios. When the circle features have been installed the diameter of the feature circles can often be further extended by using the versatile Tegula Sett blocks. Another great feature which means homeowners are not limited to a particular size for their patio or driveway.

For your information with Tobermore Tegula paving there is a fantastic range of colour options and accessories for those finishing touches. The various colours are featured below they include Bracken, Charcoal, Golden, Heather and Natural.

Fantastic range products, brands, colours and textures from leading manufacturers

Not only do we offer a fantastic range when it comes to colour, designs, and textures. All our paving blocks are from leading manufacturers such as Marshalls, Natural Paving and many more not just for their great products but also their fantastic guarantees.

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