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Queen Elizabeth Resin Bound Stone & Artificial Lawn Project

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead Resin Bound Stone & Artificial Lawn Project

The structure of the Resin bound stone project at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The way in which the structure at the Queen Elizabeth was set out for everything to be fitted was in a way that 36 mm length wonder yarn could be used along with barking in square patterns. It creates a scenic plant area which can be walked around along with a wall to prevent the grass from getting walked on. The wonder yarn in this scenario is placed for aesthetic pleasure along with the plants which are located around the grass. Due to the area where the grass and resin have been fitted, allows people to view the scenery from windows around the hospital. Furniture is able to go on the flooring to produce a new relaxing area for residents in the area to take a break.


The Wonder Yarn which was used

The wonder yarn which is produced by Lazylawn provides bright green coloured grass which looks and feels soft. With this in place with the planting, it creates a nice calming atmosphere when strolling past. Wonder yarn artificial grass model is easy to maintain therefore not much maintenance is needed to keep it looking in the best condition possible. The fact that the grass will not be getting used or walled on also means it will last much longer as there is no irritation for the grass.

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