How to clean your patio

How to clean your patio

Cleaning your patio

Cleaning your patio is not a job that not many of us favour. It can require regular maintenance to stay I its top form, and despite how easy it can be to quickly brush over top keep the surface clear, the majority of dirt lies a little deeper and requires a more thorough clean.

When a patio is exposed to moisture, it is not long before the build up of algae, moss or fungi shall begin to show. This dirt is nothing to worry about in early stages, although it may be a little slippy which may need extra caution, and it can be super easy to clean once you know how.



Cleaning with soapy water

One of the easiest ways to clean your patio is with warm soapy water. Using a brush, declutter your patio area of any debris until it is fully clear. Fill a bucket with warm water and washing up liquid. Empty the bucket onto the patio, if it is not enough, use multiple buckets until the area is generally covered. Use a heavy duty garden broom to brush the soapy water off the patio, scrubbing harder on areas with extra build up.

Cleaning with vinegar

White vinegar is one of the more environmentally friendly ways to clean your patio and also a very effective one. However it can be acidic to plants, therefore it is very important to clear the area fully before you begin. Max water and the vinegar quite evenly and pour into a watering can then cover the patio generously in the solution. This can then be left for 20 minutes to allow it time to soak. After this time, using a heavy-duty garden brush, brush away the excess. Cold water can be used to mop away the vinegar smell.

Cleaning with a pressure washer

One of the more common ways we see patio cleaning done, but an effective one none the less, is with a pressure washer. When using a pressure washer start at a low setting, gradually increasing in order to avoid cracking any tiles. Trial and error can often be key with this washing method. Working at a 30 degree angle tends to provide the best results and also avoid the most damage.

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