Types of Driveway Paving

Types of Driveway Paving

The Benefits of Driveway Paving

When it comes to driveway paving, having an aesthetically pleasing driveway is important for the personality of your home. It provides a big first impression and it can also increase the value of your home. Marshalls can provide many different styles, finishes and colours to suit your needs while maintaining the highest quality. Unique patterns are also provided however if you can not decide which style would be best for you and your home then we can suggest what we think would look best due to our experience. Driveway pavings are becoming popular due to an increase in car owners. We provide a wide range of driveway pavings involving different materials and designs.

Block Paving 

Block paving is a common type of paving due to its natural style. There is a range of different colour blocks that can be mixed and matched and they can come in many different sizes. Block paving has been around for years due to its victorian era feeling. There are more complex designs involved with block paving such as circles or other shapes.

Permeable Paving

To acquire permeable paving there is no planning permission needed. Permeable paving installation is in line with government legislation therefore it is a quick process. Permeable paving creates a suitable parking area where there are no environmental consequences in times of heavy rainfall. Permeable Paving driveways also provide options in terms of colours and designs.

Setts and cobbles

Setts and cobbles are fairly new in driveway paving however they are unique in design. They instantly add class to your driveway due to how modern and traditional they look. Setts and cobbles provide a wide range of different styles and colours to match your home design. Multiple colours can be blended to make the design more unique while maintaining a traditional look.