We recently carried out a job in Newcastle using Wonder Yarn

We recently carried out a job in Newcastle using Wonder Yarn

The job we carried out using Wonder Yarn in Newcastle

We carried out a job in Newcastle recently which consisted of 110m2 of wonder yarn along with 75m2 of a variety of colours in rubber mulch. The job which was carried out had difficult shapes to work around however the end product was immaculate and was very aesthetic. It created a great play area for the children of the school. Due to the properties of the wonder yarn used, it will remain that way for a very long time.

Market-leading wonder yarn

Lazylawn is a leading lawn manufacturer that produces different types of lawns for different areas. The properties of the lawn never fail to impress which leads to excellent reviews whenever installed for a customer. Wonder yarn offers new technology which has been implemented into artificial grass in recent years. The yarn consists of patented technology. This allows the yarn to recover after activity as the W shape of the yarn forces the grass blades to stand up straight.

This yarn offers a natural appearance as if it was real grass and maintains toughness throughout any season. It will never lose colour and it is very durable. the wonder yarn is low-maintenance upkeep. This means you can forget about looking after it in comparison to normal grass. Samples are always offered to see if the lawn is correct for you however most people can’t complain. Wonder yarn is a step forward for the future of artificial grass. It allows many different areas to branch off into in the future to keep providing the world with the best quality artificial lawn.

Relating to the job

Wonder yarn was useful for this job as it is a soft feeling lawn. This is perfect for the kids who will be using it. It will constantly be used therefore its durability will play a huge part in keeping it clean and in good condition.

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