Marshalls Patio Paving & LazyLawn Installation

Marshalls Patio Paving & LazyLawn Installation

Marshalls Patio Paving & Lazy Lawn Artificial Lawn in Washington

Recent project using Marshalls Patio Paving and a new LazyLawn Artificial Lawn.

The project involved us creating a new patio area, for this we used Fairstone Sawn Versuro by Marshalls Paving. We replaced the existing traditional lawn with a new LazyLawn Artificial Lawn Installation. For this part of the project we used Wonder Yarn 26mm for its quality and natural looks.


The products we used for the project

– Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro Paving

Fairstone sawn versuro part of Marshalls patio paving collection is a fine grained Quartzitic sandstone from India. The product comes lightly sandblasted and has a brushed finish, the visibly smooth sawn surface creates both a modern, stylish and elegant look to your patio area.

The fairstone sawn versuro comes in four different colours which have been carefully hand selected for their colour. These colours will co-ordinate almost any design scheme whist blending in with the surrounding natural environment. Colours include: Golden sand multi, autumn bronze multi, caramel cream multi and antique silver multi.

– LazyLawns Wonder Yarn 26mm

LazyLawns Wonder Yarn 26mm delivers a highly natural look for an artificial lawn. The product offers a low maintenance solution which is perfect to use all year round. Both children and pets will be able to play outside without traipsing mudding footprints back into your home. If you are looking for a solution for corporate areas or events this is a great choice of product with its natural appearance.

Wonder Yarn also make a 36mm version of the grass, this offers and even softer more lush looking appearance.

Finance Deals for your Patio Paving or Artificial Lawn Installation

We have a variety of different options available for when it comes to financing your patio or artificial lawn installation. Please see our finance page for some of the options available or call us to find out more.

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