Block Paving Options

Block Paving Options

Block Paving your Driveway or Patio the options

Block Paving your driveway or patio shortly? They are a few options you should consider when choosing block paving.




Here are some of the important factors we think you should consider:

  • Choose a reputable contractor
  • Make sure the company do not sub contract
  • Look for Paving companies that use leading product brands such as Marshalls
  • Ensure they are a registered contractor
  • Ask to see their guarantees
  • Get more than one quotation, make sure it is in writing and everything is covered. So they are no misunderstandings further down the line.
  • If quotes seem cheaper than others, you need to make sure they are offering the same product and guarantees etc.
  • Drainage is important to ensure your driveway or meets with current legislations. Your contractor should discuss this with you.

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The way block paving is laid can make all the difference. When it comes to Driveways they need to be built with foundations that are going to last.

The design of your driveway and the choice of products are very important to the overall look. Having designs created of the layout of your driveway and block paving used. Is another option when looking to block pave a driveway.

So what makes the Driveway Company different?

We are a family business that has been around for over 33 years. Our team of highly skilled paving contractors offer first class workmanship

Our team will work with you, to ensure the design of your paving and driveway is to your satisfaction.

No matter if it is block paving for a patio or driveway. All projects are installed by own qualified team. None of our team are sub contractors for our paving and driveways projects.

We can either work with your ideas or suggest ideas of our own. Our team will provide you with professional drawings of your paved area prior to work commencing.

We are Marshalls registered contractors. Our products are from leading brands and come with great product guarantees.

Block Paving Contractors and Landscapers

We also offer a host of other services such as landscaping, artificial lawns installations, grounds maintenance, fencing, garden walls, decking and much more.

Our state of the art design service is for both our landscaping and block paving services. We can show you how the finished area will look. All our plans show the design and specifications as well as the scale for the whole project.

We are part of the IHL Group


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