Artificial Lawn Esh Winning

Artificial Lawn Esh Winning

Beautiful Artificial Lawn Installation in Esh Winning, Durham

This beautiful artificial lawn installation was carried out in Esh Winning, Durham. For this particular project we used 38mm of Lazy Trinity artificial grass. In addition to laying the artificial lawn we finished the edges off with pin kerb edgings.

Lazy Trinity Artificial Grass

Lazy Trinity artificial grass combines some of the best shaped yarns on the market including W-Shaped yarns which is similar to Wonder Yarn®. The mixed natural olive and emerald yarns to give a striking natural look. Lazy Trinity grass combines both the C Rib and W shape yarns similar to our Wonder Yarn® giving great durability for the busiest gardens.

LazyLawn Grass

Lazy Trinity 38mm comes with four beautiful shades of green giving a very realistic looking lawn. Its UV Stable, its pet friendly hygienic, fast draining and is a fully recyclable.

LazyLawns Main Suppliers & Installers

As LazyLawns main suppliers of artificial grass you can be assured of a quality product. Our services cover all aspects of landscaping, construction and grounds maintenance.  From small projects to large projects we can take care of your project from start to finish.

Lazylawn artificial grass is the ideal solution when it comes to maintenance free lawns. If you are looking for a beautiful lawn all year round with virtually no maintenance this is certainly the product to opt for. No matter if you have children or pets, we are sure you will love this product.

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