Resin Driveway Seaham

Resin Driveway Seaham

Recent Resin Driveway Seaham, Co. Durham

Resin driveway in Seaham, Co. Durham, this project involved us renewing the old driveway for a new resin driveway.

The overall project was 45m2 we use an aspen coloured border and platinum for the main driveway.

As you can see from the photos below the finished project looks great, a low maintenance option for the owners too.

Benefits of resin driveways 

Resin driveways are made from natural aggregates. In recent years they have become a lot more popular and are now available in a wide range of textures and colours which can contract with your adjacent surfaces.

In recent years we have seen public awareness grow for flood prevention especially with transforming front gardens into driveways. This factor has lead the resin driveway and paving market to grow at a considerable level over the past few years. Like a lot of things as the demand rises, we see companies carrying out workmanship with sub-standard installations. When a resin driveway is laid correctly this product can last for many years, therefore it is important you choose a company you can rely on to carry out the work.

Important factors regarding resin driveways

  • The resin is a permeable substance – and allows the water to drain through the driveway.
  • Creative look – not only does the resin look good it offers both a practical and sustainable, practical and versatile solution for your driveway.
  • The weather – the resin does not soften during the warmer months or freeze during the winter. You don’t get any fading either in with strong sunlight.
  • Longevity – the resin is a long lasting durable surface, although guarantees vary, when this product is installed correctly it can as long as 25 years.
  • Maintenance – there is no weeding or loose stones to sweep up, all it requires is a regular brush and occasional power wash to keep it looking good.
  • Water – It reduces standing water and the amount of surface water which runs off your drive.
  • SuDs compliant
  • No planning permission, in 2008 the rules for driveways changed, these stated that planning permission was not required for areas less than 5m2, or if the instance that the new surface was permeable.

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