Lazy Resin

Lazy Resin

Introducing Lazy Resin

What are the benefits of lazy resin? 

There has been a huge increase in the amount of people that are choosing lazy resin. Lazy resin in a resin bound surface that creates a huge difference to your property. The surface alongside being highly practical looks amazing installed alongside artificial grass, giving your property the highest standard aesthetics possible. 

Which surfaces is it ideal for?

Lazy resin is suitable for most surfaces. In particular driveways and pathways that have high-vehicular traffic or heavy foot due to its amazing resistance. This is because it has an amazing impact and abrasion resistance

Lazy resin performance

This is very durable due to its outstanding strength and flexibility. The flexibility especially allows the product’s lifespan to be increased as it provides a high load bearing capacity for big tension and compression.

Top level drainage

Unlike a regular paved surface that is impermeable, it allows water to flow through small stones and into the ground. This reduces the risk of floods from water flow across the surface.

LazyLawn Installers in the North East

We are lazylawn installers in the North East and offer a wide range of options when it comes to artificial grass and the new products. Working in the landscaping industry for numerous years we have a great eye for detail. Furthermore we have built up and excellent reputation over the years and name when it comes to quality of workmanship.

All the products we offer come with great guarantees

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