Driveways – Block Paving or Patterned Concrete?

Driveways – Block Paving or Patterned Concrete?

When it comes to installing new driveways, home owners can be often spoilt for choice

This article looks at the advantages or block paving driveways and patterned concrete as an alternative.

Patterned Concrete on Driveways




One of the large benefits of patterned concrete on driveways is the ability to cover a large area quickly. There are a wide range of different designs, patterns and colour’s available on the open market. However, the aesthetics can be inferior due to the use of patterned matts and instances where these are not quite aligned, this can make the overall result look poor.

Another common issue with patterned concrete driveways is they can be prone to cracking. If the cracks become large they can become quite unsightly, repairing the patches is a possibility, but in certain cases the whole area may need to be resurfaced. Perfectly matching the repair with the original installation is also very slim.

Consideration also needs to be taken with drainage with this type of driveway installation. Patterned concrete is non-permeable, this means without the correct drainage installed it does not comply with the new planning regulations for driveways on front gardens.

Although a sealant is laid down to protect the colour. This still needs to be reapplied every two years. The sealant can make the surface slippery, especially in the winter months. This can in turn be dangerous, even more so on driveways which are on a slight incline.

Installing Concrete Block Paving on Driveways


Concrete block paving offers an attractive finish which can complement your home. It also comes is a huge variety of styles, colours and textures.

This block paving is extremely durable and should last many years if laid correctly and with the right maintenance. If any areas need uplifting for any reason the areas can often be reinstated with minimal hassle.

Concrete block paving is also available in a permeable option, the permeable option means no additional drainage is required. Which complies with recent planning regulations for the re-surfacing of front gardens.

The downside with block paving is they can be often issues regarding installation. If the correct sub base is not used, areas can appear to sink or move. Therefore it is important that you don’t just choose the right paving product but also a qualified installer.

Marshall’s Registered Installers


At The Driveway Company our team are Marshall’s Registered InstallersMarshall’s give a product guarantee of 10 years on their paving products which are installed by our team. All the work carried out by The Driveway Company comes with a 5 year installation guarantee from ourselves.

Our team are happy to give you a free no obligation quotation, and to discuss the different options with you for your driveway installation.

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