Permeable Driveways

Permeable driveways installed throughout the North East

Permeable driveways the alternative solution. There are many things to consider when having driveway paving installed.

The one thing sometimes overlooked, is that now a days there can be situations where you require planning permission!

In October 2008 we saw new rules introduced for property owners, wanting to pave their front gardens.

Not all incidents need planning permission, for example if a new driveway uses permeable paving this is one incident where it is not required.

However, you can find more information regarding this at the planning portal. Our team are always on hand to advise you and come up with the best solutions for your driveway.

Permeable (or porous) is basically a surfacing that allows the water to drain through.

The permeable driveways can be installed with gravel, permeable concrete paving or porous asphalt.

Often another option, paving companies use. Is channels to direct the rainwater on to a lawn or border to drain naturally.


The Driveway Company have undertaken SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) training. This ensures, we can advise you on the best option to suit your permeable driveway requirements. Hopefully avoid planning permission.

All our craftsmen are fully trained in the laying of Permeable driveways. Which conform to the latest building regulations.
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